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9-12 Jan, 2024

9-12 Jan 2024
Meet with Adlook US Team
ARIA Resort & Casino,
Las Vegas, NV
—  2024
Explore the future of digital marketing with our experts at CES 24

CES 2024 is a beacon for forward-thinking conversations in digital marketing, and Adlook is at the forefront. We invite you to book a1:1 meeting with our US leadership team to discuss innovative solutions and strategies for your brand.

Key topics we’ll dive into:
  • Cookieless Reality: Adapt to a world without cookies. Learn strategies for ID-less internet marketing.
  • Google's Topics API: Enhance your programmatic buying with our smart integration.
  • Attention Metrics: Maximize advertising effectiveness in the shifting landscape.
  • ContextGPT: Discover how we're redefining contextual understanding in advertising.
  • Sustainability in SPO: See how carbon emission reduction is shaping our strategies.
Discover the Adlook advantages:
  • Innovation Leaders: Pioneers in adopting Chrome's Privacy Sandbox and the first DSP to integrate with Chrome's Topics API, Adlook leads the way in digital advertising technology.
  • Expertise and Insight: Our early involvement in developing and testing new technologies translates into unmatched expertise, helping your brand stay ahead of the curve.
  • Customized Growth Strategies: Leveraging our advanced technological capabilities, we craft tailored strategies that align with your brand's unique needs and goals.
  • Privacy and Sustainability Focus: Upholding strong principles in sustainability and privacy, we ensure your brand's growth is responsible and forward-thinking.

ALL TOGETHER at CES, ALL ON for Happy Hour!

Dive into an evening of vibrant connections and lively conversations at our happy hour event. Gather with industry innovators and thought leaders in a relaxed, engaging atmosphere.

Location: ARIA East Convention Center, Level 1, Joshua  9 & 10
Date & Time: Jan. 10, Wednesday, 4:40-7 PM

Our event kicks off right after IPG's must-attend session, 'AI - Get the Party Started!’. Join expert thought-leaders as they delve into today's hottest topics in AI-driven marketing and spark an informal, fun conversation. Then, continue the discussion with us over drinks and networking. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect and unwind at CES 2024!

Meet our US Team

Patrick Roman Gut
VP, Head of Sales, US
Giles Rekruciak
Platform Director, US
Yuyu Chen
Sales Director, East
Jay Given
Client Partner
Terra Ingalls
Enterprise Agency Lead
More panelists to be confirmed soon.

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Las Vegas, NV
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