Attention Advantage

Improve your digital journey with solutions crafted for deeper, more meaningful customer interactions. With our innovative solutions, stand out meaningfully, memorably, and profitably. Don’t just be lost in the noise, be the signal that rises above it.


People  said ads
are annoying*


are bothered by ads not relevant to them

Stand Out and Connect Better!

Move beyond standard ads and embrace personalized interactions that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Customers don’t want any ad, they want real connections. To grab their attention, focus on real engagement. It’s not just about an ad being seen. It’s about how it makes the viewer feel and interact.
The key lies in prioritizing and optimizing for genuine engagement.

Consumers crave meaningful connections, not mundane ads. So, how can brands capture their elusive attention?

The key lies in prioritizing and optimizing for genuine engagement. It's important to recognize that attention goes beyond mere viewability or completion rates. True attention metrics delve deeper, measuring not only an ad's visibility but also the resonance and engagement it sparks with the audience.

Ad Recall
Brand Growth

By utilizing leading Adelaide's attention metrics combined with our Deep Learning technology, we offer the first all-in-one tool for measuring, optimizing, and purchasing attention.

Take advantage of our innovative attention approach to enhance brand exposure and maximize performance.

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Attention pre-bid optimization

Before your ad is displayed, pre-bid campaign optimization improves its chances of being noticed, not just passively viewed.

This allows to adjust ad placements in advance, ensuring precise and effective media outcomes.

Attention measurement

Attention goes beyond mere viewability or completion rate. Measure not only an ad's visibility but also the resonance and engagement it sparks with your consumers..

The Adelaide AU model is continuously improved with data based on outcomes from the campaign we measure.

Buying attention
1st in the market attention based media buying model

You can now optimize toward attention goals and boost campaign performance at any cost per mille (CPM) level.

Our one-of-a-kind solution sets us apart as the first DSP to assure media quality with attention metrics. This helps you get better results from your campaigns and reduce advertising waste.

Implement attention metrics in your branding campaigns and gain clarity on their effectiveness:

Apply across all channels and environments

Boost AU performance with Adlook’s proprietary Deep Learning bidder

Optimize inventory prebid towards more
engaging placements

Leverage AU-CPM model to transact in
meaningful metric

Foster ad recall among your audience and build strong brand growth

Adlook x Magna Media Trials study reveals that attention is directly tied to consumer engagement, and ultimately, brand growth.

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*According to Kantar’s survey

“Attention is a baseline metric for media, particularly in the programmatic space, and many of our studies examine how to capture and maintain eyeballs. Our work with Adlook set out to determine how pre-bid optimization performed, and found incredible impact across a range of KPIs, including sustainability metrics – meaning pre-bid optimization serves a dual objective: profit and purpose.”

Kara Manatt,
Managing Director,
Intelligence Solutions

“Partnership with Adlook advances our mission to establish a more fair and transparent market where publishers are rewarded for high-quality media, and advertisers can ensure they’re driving predictable business outcomes. Using outcome-based metrics like AU as the basis for media quality in contracts realigns buyer and seller interests around media quality rather than quantity or cost. We’re thrilled to partner with Adlook to make a positive impact and look forward to continued innovation.”

Marc Guldimann,
CEO of Adelaide