Creative Innovation

Getting your ad in front of the right user is only half of the battle, you also need creative that will wow them, and keep your brand front and center. Our approach combines winning creative talent with AI tools to get your message out there in a way that resonates.

Fuel your digital growth across all screen and devices:

  • Optimized Creative Formats: whether your audience prefers Desktop, Mobile, TV, or Console, we ensure they receive a seamless experience.
  • Advanced Analytics through Deep Learning: we help you determine what resonates with your audience and offer insights on areas of enhancement.
  • Unified Brand Messaging: our aim is to convey your brand's narrative effectively and resonate powerfully with your target audience.

Maximize brand growth within connected-TV

Adlook leverages 100% proprietary, Deep Learning technology to optimize and to take full advantage of CTV - environment.

Drive attention with precise targeting capabilities and high quality creatives

Boost engagement with DCO that ensure ads are delivered to the most valuable and relevant audience

Leverage cross-screen capabilities to create seamless experience with the brand

Focus on audiences that matter - reduce media waste and the noise of reaching irrelevant users

Measure the branding impact of your campaign within CTV with Comscore

Our inventory:

Unlock full potential of gaming environment with In-game advertising:

  • Connect your brand with an engaged audience who is unlikely to be multitasking.
  • Enhance your brand memorability in a 100% viewable environment.
  • Engage your target consumer with non-disruptive messaging.
  • Reach an influential audience that stays on top of trends and advises purchases.

Available via Premium platforms:

Creatives Portfolio

Ads optimized for mobile/ desktop and TV devices to reach users on their preferred device.

Tell the story with videos

Instream Video Ad

Perfectly engages users with combination of motion and audio.

• Pre-/Mid-/Post-roll
• Audio on

6-30s video ad appears during, before or after the watched content, to capture full attention of the viewer.


Scrollview Ads

Great for driving views and increasing brand awareness.

• Audio-off (by default)

High-quality videos located in the most premium placements directly within user’s feed content for higher engagement.


CTV Video Ads

Best for driving views and increasing brand awareness.

• Audio / QR code
• 6s/15s/30s/60s formats

Full-screen, full-motion videos, on the largest digital device in the household, with the possibility to implement QR codes, which are perfect for driving engagement.


Create immersive experience
with rich media

Full-Screen Experience with Interactive Video Ad

Engaging banners with video dedicated to brand awareness campaigns.

• Learn Button
• Desktop/Mobile

Rich media creatives to drive engagement and attract users. Uses display inventory.


Interactive Banners

Format suitable for product exposure, engaging and eye-catching.

• Learn Button
• Desktop/Mobile

Engage your audience with interactive layer created by adding features and elements like zipper, sliders, scroll options.


Reinforce your message with interactive displays

Scroll Banners

Popular for driving product awareness and increasing engagement.

• Hover Animation
• Call-To-Action

An engaging experience that is controlled by the user as they scroll through content of the article.


Social Formats

Best for driving awareness and customer engagement among the youngest.

• Social media user’s interactions

Leverage social banners inspired by social media formats to create personalized experiences with users and get insights about the users.


Rich media banners

Switch banner
Scratch banner
Custom-made banner
Video overlay
Scroll banner