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Pioneering digital advertising for the privacy era on the open web. We use smart tech to help brands connect with people using high-quality, waste-free ads that respect user privacy.  

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Authentic Brand-Consumer Connections

PLACEHOLDER In today's heightened privacy-aware ecosystem, the limitations of cookies are becoming more apparent. Benefit from a cookieless targeting approach that guarantees connections to your ideal customers without any reliance on cookies.

Our tailored, multifaceted approach ensures a unique and customized solution tailored to your needs, moving beyond the typical one-size-fits-all strategy.

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Apply across all channels and environments

Boost AU performance
with Adlook’s proprietary
Deep Learning bidder

Optimize inventory
prebid towards more
engaging placements

Leverage AU-CPM
model to transact in
meaningful metric

Foster ad recall among
your audience and build strong brand growth

Authentic Brand - Consumer Connections

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Drive attention with striking creativity

Catch your customer’s attention and stick in their minds with our eye-catching video and display campaigns. Our engaging ads will not only grab attention but also encourage faster buying and long-lasting loyalty to your brand.

Choose from a range of formats tailored to fit your brand's vision and objectives. Interact effectively with users and see enhanced results. Pick the best designs to showcase your brand across all screens and devices.

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Harness the power of advanced Deep Learning

Elevate your campaigns with Deep Learning, a cutting-edge AI tool that outperforms traditional machine learning by 50%. We've implemented this next-gen technology throughout our platform, setting you up for unparalleled outcomes.

Deep Learning is the best solution for the Open Web, and the next frontier of advertising. In the dynamic world of programmatic advertising, understanding vast amounts of data is crucial to connecting with your most valuable audiences. With the shift towards privacy-first ads and the influx of unstructured data, traditional methods are falling behind, Deep Learning can ensure you stay ahead.

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Safeguard Your Brand:
Safety & Suitability in Focus

Navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Our dedicated focus on brand safety and suitability ensures that your brand's integrity remains uncompromised. Partner with us and benefit from tailored solutions that not only place your ads in the right context but also resonate with the right audience. Because a brand's reputation is its most valued asset, and we're here to protect yours.

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We help brands and advertisers achieve & exceed their goals.

“Adlook's strategic partnership proved to be a game-changer for Snickers, lifting our recognition among Brazilian internet users during the Easter period. Their groundbreaking multi-channel campaign and cookieless solution surpassed our expectations, securing a remarkable surge in our share of voice during the prime time of chocolate consumption. Their innovative approach delivered exceptional results.“ 

Gustavo Varandas, 
Marketing Manager,

“Adlook's technology proved to be a game-changer for us. It not only improved the quality of our communication, but also increased the likelihood of our launching message being understood correctly.”

Agnes Motta,
Digestive Media Lead,

"With Adlook we were able to serve the users across all the platforms and devices at once! Thanks to Deep Learning we easily exceeded our internal and market benchmarks."

Danielle Latérza - Agência África
Head of Performance,
Adops and Adtech

"We were impressed by Adlook team's ability to understand the needs of our brand with an on spot advertising strategy, delivered with impactful creatives that address those needs. They raised awareness about how our products aid women experiencing menopause by reaching women who may not actively seek information about the condition. Looking forward to keep working with Adlook to achieve even better performances.”

Ilaria Loria,
Digital Marketing Manager,
Perrigo Italy

“We are thrilled with the assets you designed - they perfectly fit our brand and tone. Adlook's personalised approach and advanced targeting helped us reach our target audience precisely "

Victoria Neymann,

“Adlook’s ability to deftly navigate the Open Web proved invaluable for our campaign and enabled us to reach users in their preferred environment, improving the impact of our campaign.”

Marco Saucedo,
Brand Manager,