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Next Generation Brand Growth for Consumer Marketers

Next Generation Brand Growth

for Consumer Marketers

Adlook is a brand growth platform that uses proprietary Deep Learning technology to help CPG marketers and their agencies successfully drive brand growth in any market.

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Guaranteed Attention
Maximum Brand Growth

Zero Ad-Waste
We use Deep Learning to optimize reach, exposure, and experience to ensure that no view is wasted.
Cutting-Edge Creativity
Our Creative Lab Service supplements top design talent with AI to optimize every Ad for maximum engagement.
Guaranteed Results
Robust internal and third-party measurement solutions provide true accountability and transparency.

85+ Markets

95% Global Reach

100% Cookieless Ready

Our solutions ensure that brands
exceed their goals


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Learn how we did it


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Learn how we did it

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"With Adlook we were able to serve the users across all the platforms and devices at once! Thanks to Deep Learning we easily exceededour internal and market benchmarks."

Danielle Latérza

Agência África Head of Performance, Adops and Adtech

“Adlook was able to tap into the passion surrounding the world cup and score viewability for video above all benchmarks.”

Danielle Latérza

Agência África Head of Performance ,Adops and Adtech

“Adlook’s ability to deftly navigate the Open Web proved invaluable for our campaign and enabled us to reach users in their preferred environment, improving the impact of our campaign.”

Marco Saucedo

Brand Manager

From Performance Marketing to
Marketing Performance

Time-poor customers are overwhelmed with irrelevant ads
Deep Learning adtech can solve this using adverts that add value
Drive genuine video views
Up to
Higher video completion rate
Increased awareness
Get more attention
Avfg. in-view time
Drive brand visibility
Up to
Higher view ability
Higher engagement
Increase your CTR
Up to
CTR boost

The Ultimate
Brand Growth Platform

Cost Efficiency

Focus on attention with
guaranteed business outcomes.

Brand Safety

AI-Powered Brand Safety with
2.5B unsafe contexts blocked per month.

Future-Proof Cookieless Audiences

Deep Learning powered audience built exclusively using cookieless technology.

Deep Learning Powered Optimisation

The adlook manager is
Easy to use: you set the goals and Deep learning delivers.

Optimal Exposure

Dynamic smart capping with
Deep Learning optimized user-level exposure.

Improved Reach

Vetted sources with premium publishers and global supply.

Personalized Approach

Deep Learning powered DCO
Delivering over 25B impressions per month.

Attention Focused Ads

Skippable videos with maximum reach thanks to a combination of consumer marketing experience & privacy.


Attention focus reduces ad fatigue by engaging with users at the right moment with guarenteed KPIs.

Cookieless Solutions

Respect user privacy and
take advantage of the cookieless future using tools with the same efficiency as cookie solutions.

Ad Delivery Across All Screen Sizes

AI-Powered Brand Safety with
flexible creative optimized to user devices in multiple formats for all screens ensures
maximized engagement.

Get Guaranteed Results

We don’t just provide you with feedback, we offer guaranteed results based on your KPIs. Our internal data shows that this approach is up to 50% more efficient than other platforms:


Reach audiences at scale with our effective industry supply chain.


Make each view count and only pay for users who are fully engaged with your videos.


Maximize impact and boost brand engagement with zero ad-waste.


Drive relevant traffic and only invest in meaningful interactions.

Enjoy Transparent Reporting

We use a combination of in-house solutions and partner certificates to measure essential metrics across your entire campaign, offering:

Transparent Analytics

Get access to relevant campaign data that helps you make better decisions.

Third-Party Validation

We supplement our solutions with validation from leading measurement partners.

Accesible Metrics

Our client panel gives you unlimited access to statistics related to your campaign.

Leverage Smart Reach

Maximize your brand reach with direct publisher integrations and partnerships providing:

Access to premium publishers

Our partnerships ensure full coverage with over 700 direct publisher integrations, and all leading premium supply -side platforms.

Privacy safe targeting

Extensive first- and third-party audience data partnerships enables you to reach users at scale, without relying on intrusive tracking technologies that scare customers.

Ads Optimized for attention

Deep Learning algorithms optimize reach to target users likely to love your product, reducing ad-waste and maximizing the value of every single impression.

Connected TV Adverts

Meets users where they live using adverts tailored to stand out in competitive CTV environments, providing a new way to engage your audience.

100% Cookieless Ready

Adlook already takes advantage of 100% cookieless targeting strategies in the majority of our branding campaigns, and we constantly innovate to ensure our brand safety technology is cutting edge:

Deep Context
Leverage contextual signals to reach users at the perfect moment to maximize ad impact.
Deep Surveys
Build custom audiences by using privacy-safe zero-party survey data.
Deep Search
Use site data to define search engine keyword/phrase results without a user’s identity.
Deep Audiences
Leverage first-party data to build accurate audience segments without compromising user privacy.

Get seen with Cutting-Edge Creativity

Our Creative Lab understands that true creativity transcends the assets themselves. With the Adlook Creative Toolkit, we can combine technology and creativity to not just create assets that convert, but an entire advertising system that has both creativity, and technology, at its core; attracting attention, driving recall, and boosting engagement

Deep learning Optimization

We use data to determine what ad to display, where to show it, and when it should appear to maximize engagement.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

DPO enables us to tailor ads to each user, improving ad recall by more than 74% while organically sharing your brand story.

Flexible Asset Production

We can create, repurpose, or tailor any creative in order to improve engagement, recall, and personalization metrics.