Brand Safety & Suitability

Your brand's reputation is invaluable, and we recognize that. Take advantage of our uniquely crafted solution designed to guarantee that your content resonates with both brand safety and suitability, empowering you to advertise with utmost confidence.

Brand safety is our top priority, so we ensure that your brand is only showcased alongside quality, relevant, and safe content. To achieve this, we’ve pioneered a revolutionary Multi-Layer Brand Safety mechanism that has successfully blocked over 2.5 billion inappropriate impressions. This robust solution, powered by advanced Deep Learning, goes beyond simply filtering harmful keywords—it employs natural language processing to maintain your brand's integrity in various contexts across the open web, significantly reducing budget waste.

Our transparent reporting provides a clear view of what’s been filtered, allowing you to witness the effectiveness of our game-changing Brand Safety & Suitability Solution firsthand.

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Buletproof your brand: our Brand Safety & Suitability solution ensures that you never compromise your consumers or reputation.

Protect your brand across the open web

The solution works across the entire open web, filters traffic pre-bid to save budget, and offers transparent reports on filtered content.

Proprietary multilayer brand safety solution

We're committed to providing a brand-safe environment for all our clients, which is why we've adopted the cutting-edge Multi-Layer Brand Safety mechanism. With us, you can trust that your brand's safety is our top priority.

Third-party brand safety excellence

Our Brand Safety solution can be measured by your 3rd party of choice such. This means that our solution not only meets your brand safety requirements but can also be validated by well-known industry players.