Adlook Outcomes: Guaranteed Results across the Open Web

Adlook Outcomes delivers meticulously crafted media products with guaranteed results. We provide the simplest path to the highest guaranteed outcomes across the open web, expertly navigating the cookieless future to ensure your advertising is not just seen, but truly successful. We've transformed complex solutions into products that offer unparalleled ease of use.

Open Web Advertising Leader

Wider, Diverse Reach:

Tap into the open web's vast audience, far beyond the reach of traditional social media platforms. This includes engaging people not active on social platforms but frequenting other diverse web spaces. Adlook ensures a 30% higher reach than any walled garden platform, connecting you to over 4 billion monthly active users.

Less Competition and Lower Costs:

Experience cost-effective advertising as the competition for ad space on the open web is less intense than on social media, leading to more reasonable pricing and more effective brand communication.

Stronger User Engagement Without Platform Limitations:

Enjoy the flexibility of presenting your content in various formats without the restrictive algorithms of social media platforms, enabling stronger engagement and credibility with audiences who view open-web content as more trustworthy.

Guaranteed Results

Ensure your ads are seen.



Boost your campaign results.


video completion rate

Safeguard your ad budget


invalid traffic protection

Maintain your brand’s integrity.


compliance guarantee

Risk-Free Investment:

Adlook's full tech stack allows us to guarantee media KPIs and convert them into risk-free buying models, absorbing the cost of any impressions that do not meet the agreed-upon outcomes.

Continuous Improvement and Client Support:

Our technology continuously optimizes buying algorithms based on campaign data, improving performance over time while our team extends itself as part of your marketing team to support all aspects of campaign management.

Measured by:

Unlimited Creativity

Creative Lab Excellence:

Our in-house Creative Lab works alongside IT developers to produce visually stunning and engaging ad creations that significantly enhance campaign impact, reducing the workload and streamlining deployment

Multi-Screen and Multi-Audience Reach:

Adlook supports a variety of screen types and audience targeting technologies, allowing campaigns to adjust dynamically to the specifics of your brand or campaign needs, ensuring effective engagement across all platforms.

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Engineering-First Company

Proprietary Tech
and Innovation:

With all technology designed, developed, and maintained in-house, Adlook offers a level of innovation and reliability that ensures rapid, independent innovation without reliance on third-party technologies.

Advanced AI

Our platform integrates sophisticated deep learning algorithms across all operations, providing faster, more precise ad targeting and enabling the creation of advanced models with limited resources for greater efficiency.


As pioneers in applying deep learning to open-web programmatic buying and supporting emerging technologies like the Privacy Sandbox, Adlook leads the market in adopting and shaping cutting-edge advertising technologies.

Our Core Advertising Packages

Cookieless Reach /
Multi-Screen Video:

Maximize your campaign's visibility across devices and platforms with targeted, high-impact video content designed to enhance reach without relying on traditional cookies.

High-Attention Display
& Video:

Elevate your brand's presence with high-visibility placements designed to attract and hold consumer attention, boosting brand awareness and engagement.

Seasonal Advertising Opportunity:

Align your brand with the UEFA EURO Championship 2024, one of the largest sporting events on the calendar. Take advantage of this significant moment to captivate an engaged global audience, enhancing brand visibility and emotional connection through targeted advertising solutions.

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