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How prepared are you for the cookieless era?
The digital world is shifting away from cookies, but we're here to guide and support you with cookieless solutions.

Adlook offers an extensive range of fully privacy - safe solutions. Whether used together or separately, they form a portfolio of options that can be combined in various configurations to suit any business use case. Learn more about our cookieless targeting approach that guarantees connections to your ideal customers without any reliance on cookies.

Privacy-First Portfolio: a selection of ready-to-use solutions.


Soc - Dem targeting

• Publishers IDs and data 
• External IDs 
• Contextual

Behavioral targeting 

Search and
Survey Targeting

Chrome & SDA & Prime Audience

Contextual targeting 

Proprietary engine

Campaign Optimization

Frequency Capping

Reach Calculations

Optimization based on user data (ad sequencing)

Reach your customers with ease by using Adlook Cookieless Targeting Powered by Deep Learning:

Deep Context

Enhance awareness to your ideal customer. Position your brand at the heart of their interests.

Our proprietary engine scans 95% of the Internet in 41 languages in real-time, placing your ads exactly where your target audience is reading articles or watching videos they’re interested in.

Deep Audience

Enriching trustworthy DMP data with real-time bidding technologies. Our Deep Learning makes buying audiences more efficient and precise.

Geo-targeting Proximity

Proximity Geo-Targeting allows you to target consumers based on their geographical context without relying on any personal identifiers.

Combine location-based targeting and personalized ad creatives with our Geo-based DCO powered by Deep Learning.

Deep Search

Your ultimate solution to dominate organic search results.

Connect with your desired audience in real-time by appearing at the top of organic search results, effectively positioning your brand at the forefront of customers’ journeys, from the beginning to the middle stages.

Deep Survey

Use the power the Zero-party data to truly understand and connect with your audience.

We survey real internet users and create signal audiences (lookalikes), which can help target very specific user groups in a non-biased way.

Behavioral Targeting

Custom made cookieless audiences.

First Protected Audience Ad Network providing full privacy safe targeting solutions based on Google Privacy Sandbox and Publishers 1st party data.

Advocating for a world where privacy comes first for consumers.

As a top contributor to Chrome's Privacy Sandbox and a pioneering DSP actively exploring direct integrations, we stand at the forefront of privacy advancements.

Given that Chrome, the most popular browser with 64% market share, is leading this transition, we're actively investigating new advertising methods that don't rely on cookies.

Ensure your readiness by collaborating exclusively with partners prepared for a cookieless future. Click to view the official list of vendors integrated with Chrome for cookieless testing.

Take advantage of a trusted partner and Deep Learning technology and start being cookieless today.

Deep Learning algorithm
Various solutions available in one place
Team of experts leading the industry towards cookieless

20% Brand lift on Adlook Cookieless Now campaigns

Let us prepare tailored testing strategy for you.

There’s no one-size-fit-all solution.
Combine and merge various methods to find your brand sweet spot.

What you need to consider when choosing your best strategy:
Your target audience
Your brand goal
Your measurement methodology

Find your strategy with us

“Adlook's technology proved to be a game-changer for us. It not only improved the quality of our communication, but also increased the likelihood of our launching message being understood correctly.”

Agnes Motta, 
Digestive Media Lead,

“Adlook's strategic partnership proved to be a game-changer for Snickers, lifting our recognition among Brazilian internet users during the Easter period. Their groundbreaking multi-channel campaign and cookieless solution surpassed our expectations, securing a remarkable surge in our share of voice during the prime time of chocolate consumption. Their innovative approach delivered exceptional results.“

Gustavo Varandas, 
Marketing Manager,