Deep Learning

Using Adlook Deep Learning technology, brands can foster deeper connections with their consumers across the open web, ensuring every engagement is value-driven and responsibly managed.

Feel the Connection: How Adlook's Deep Learning transforms ads into personal journeys

An Artificial brain powering your branding campaigns

Adlook technology enables brands to create meaningful consumer connections
at every opportunity across the open web through responsible investment.

Boost your results with Deep Learning - the latest generation of AI that’s 50% more efficient than machine learning. We’ve integrated Deep Learning into every aspect of our platform, ensuring industry-beating results. Our DL-based bidding process reduces unnecessary demand side queries, while over 100 signals (Open RTB, 3rd party, proprietary, and targeting) are used by our Deep Learning at any given time to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

An award-winning approach:

There are 64 trillion bid requests, 25 billion impressions, and
human reactions happening every month.

What Deep Learning can accomplish in one second

would take a human
7 million years.

Navigate the complexity of consumer behavior.

Consumers are more than just data points; they're dynamic individuals with ever-changing preferences. Ensure you're not only reaching the right audience but also delivering the optimal experience.

With our advanced Deep Learning technology, we process vast amounts of unstructured programmatic data and pinpoint subtle trends in consumer behaviors, ensuring your campaigns are always one step ahead.

Deep Learning is used across all stages of your campaigns, ensuring industry-beating results:

Audience & targeting

Optimization to meet campaign goals

Supply Optimization path

Dynamic Creative optimization

Fraud Prevention & brand safety

“Adlook's technology proved to be a game-changer for us. It not only improved the quality of our communication, but also increased the likelihood of our launching message being understood correctly.”

Agnes Motta, 
Digestive Media Lead,

“Adlook's strategic partnership proved to be a game-changer for Snickers, lifting our recognition among Brazilian internet users during the Easter period. Their groundbreaking multi-channel campaign and cookieless solution surpassed our expectations, securing a remarkable surge in our share of voice during the prime time of chocolate consumption. Their innovative approach delivered exceptional results.“

Gustavo Varandas, 
Marketing Manager,