Sustainable performance

Our unique approach demonstrates that sustainable media practices serve not merely as an outcome but as a catalyst for enhanced performance. Deep Learning technology has the potential to revolutionize digital advertising amid rising climate change concerns. The tools provided empower advertisers to achieve business objectives while upholding CSR standards.

Sustainable Brand Growth: performance backed by responsible media.

Adlook is the first, and only, DSP that innovatively separates carbon emissions from offsets and seamlessly integrates this distinct emission data into our bidding process. This ensures real-time emission reduction while maintaining guaranteed performance. Advertisers can now evaluate their campaign’s ROI through the dual lenses of sustainability and performance.

Defining sustainable performance and transforming the environmental footprint of advertising.

Emission ≠ Offset

Isolating emission signals enables reporting on emission per KPI, reduction of impression emissions, emission guarantees. Lays the foundation for full E2E emission tracking and optimization.

Zero Ad Waste

Moving beyond bots and targeting by focusing on the right time, the right messaging and the right frequency to maximize impact.

Adlook Emission Optimization: reducing carbon emissions and ensuring media performance with just one click.

Adlook Emission Optimization is a market-first tool that simultaneously reduces carbon emissions and ensures guaranteed media performance. The tool integrates carbon emission data for reporting and real-time optimization of ad campaigns with a guaranteed performance framework set by marketers. Emission Optimization will only serve the lowest carbon emitting path which will achieve the brands KPI.

Setting up a sustainable ad campaign with Emission Optimization enables:

Scope3 Emission reporting within the UI

Optimization of the supply path using Scope3 emission data  (not offset data)

 ● Campaigns to hit KPIs while minimizing carbon emissions

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Adlook Emission Optimization is powered by

Total emissions when using Adlook Emission Optimization*:
pre-bid optimization vs. no pre-bid optimization

No AU pre-bid   AU pre-bid with Adlook Emission Optimization

Total emissions per impression – Display

Adlook simulated data
*Emission Optimization integrates Scope3 emission data pre-bid, in real time for every impression served

To ensure media responsibility,it's crucial to actively prioritize sustainability alongside focused attention.

By combining emissions data with pre-bid attention metrics, we not only achieve brand growth but also foster sustainability.

Adlook x Magna Media Trials reveals how deep learning coupled with meaningful metrics drives consistent, responsible and sustainable brand growth.

Dowload the full report here for free and discover all our breakthrough insigts

Dowload the full report here for free and discover all our breakthrough insigts

“As the industry becomes more familiar with emissions data and marketers begin using it to inform campaign decisions, using custom carbon offerings is another way to increase emissions efficiencies. It’s exciting to see partners like Adlook build out solutions using Scope3 emissions data to give marketers greater control over balancing performance goals with carbon reduction.”

Brenda Tuohig,
Chief Commercial Officer,

“As the media industry takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint and lead the way towards a greener future, brands can rest assured that sustainability doesn’t have to come at the cost of performance. The partnership between Adlook and Scope3 does just that, marking the first time in the media space that brands can optimize their emissions while guaranteeing brand outcomes to quantify the impact their media has on the environment, while maintaining high ROI. I’m confident that Emission Optimization will drive momentum across the programmatic ecosystem as we strive towards more sustainable media practices.”

Martin Bryan,
Global Head of Sustainability,
IPG Mediabrands